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It may seem odd to think that Denver might have beaches worth visiting. After all the state is known primarily for its snow based offerings when hordes of tourists flock to the Rockies to enjoy some of the world’s best ski resorts. However, during the summer Denver does have something to offer those who want to get their feet wet and feel the sand between their toes. The beaches around Denver may not offer the excitement of crashing waves and salt – but they certainly make it possible to enjoy a day out with the family in wonderful natural surroundings.

Let’s take a look at some of the best beach experiences that are available in or near the Mile High City.

Firstly there is Cherry Creek State Park. Just because the beach is on the shores of a reservoir does not mean that it does not offer the potential for huge amounts of fun. The Cherry Creek Reservoir offers white sandy beaches and the opportunity to wet your feet only 30 minutes of central Denver. The 880 acre reservoir offers numerous great amenities for those who want to enjoy a day out with the family. The covered pavilion is perfect for those who want to enjoy a picnic – and a kids play area makes it great for the younger members of the family. There are great boat ramps for those who are interested in both motorized and non motorized water sports.

You could off course stay within the boundaries of Denver and still enjoy a beach – even though is is a bit petite. Confluence Park where the South Platte River and Cherry Creek meet has a lovely beach. The waters are safe and you need not plan an entire day out – just a couple of hours should meet those cravings for the sand between your toes.

Aurora Reservoir is also a fantastic opportunity for a day out with family and friends. You could close your eyes and imagine you are at a tropical beach. A picnic area and volleyball nets and a great kids kids playground make it the perfect destination for those who want to swim and bask in the sunshine in a safe and secure environment.

You’re going to be heading out of town – but Boulder Reservoir might be worth the trip admittedly short trip. This is about as close to a ‘real’ beach as you are likely to find in Colorado. With wide open spaces to enjoy, great sand and great water it is simply perfect. There’s a lovely cafe which serves great French Fries.

You might not be smelling the salt air – but that is no reason to miss the beach experience. Denver really does have it all.

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